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Experimental surgery

Surgical Training Facility

Surgical training is an essential stage of development and is necessary for novel medical and biotech devices as well as procedures. It might also be vital for investigators, clinicians, and business representatives. JERELO provides an ideal environment and location for the particular activities that surgical training involves.

JERELO offers complete service comprising lecture halls and classrooms for theoretical presentations along with operating suite for surgical and medical training in the areas of cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, and interventional (catheter-based) cardiology and neurology.

Our team can support you in creating financial and practical plans for a comprehensive and successful training session for your investigators, customers, salespeople, or other important guests.

We can provide services accounting for:

  • Transportation, logistics, and accommodation
  • Catering
  • Lecture hall and classroom for training and teaching sessions
  • Operating room for hands-on surgical procedures and vet lab
  • Video communication capabilities for observation

Our operating suite is dedicated to training sessions and satisfies the specific needs of our clients. We incorporate fully-equipped technical platforms in our wholly refurbished research facilities and hospital setting, providing the right environment and experience for clinical uses and training sessions.

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