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If you are looking for a competent partner to manage your clinical research project in Ukraine, JERELO is at your service.

JERELO represents a contract research and development organization providing a full range of services for the medical device launch on the  market.

JERELO offers a wide variety of services, including but not limited to the following: organization and implementation of a clinical trial through phases I to IV, a full life cycle of medical products (design development, the product launch on the market), engineering and consulting services for further development of medical devices.

We provide services not only in the field of clinical trials but also regarding the medical device regulatory compliances in Ukraine.

Having in-depth knowledge of regulations and guidelines relevant to the medical device industry, we are qualified to assist you with setting up the device, improving the production process, and making the device suitable for the industry.

We are JERELO – your reliable and trustworthy partner for medical device business development!


Daria Abulova
Regulatory Affairs Specialist

+380 (95) 692 26 08

Our services include the following:

Product Development R&D

The combination
of the mentioned services in one CRO, enables


Our mission is to promote technological innovations in the field of medical devices, to facilitate access to the medical device market in Ukraine, and ease successful pathways through all stages before the product launch.


Our vision is to contribute in improving patients life, by helping
and encouraging the manufacturers to develop advanced devices meant
to increase people’s quality of life


Why to conduct clinical studies With JERELO?

There have been significant improvements in legislative and regulatory aspects over the past few years.

Therefore, Ukraine provides a beneficial environment for conducting clinical trials:

High quality
of data

confirmed by numerous FDA/EMA audits

800 specialists
A large pool of highly
motivated, experienced,
and GCP-trained clinicians

International standardsfor medical care

Public healthcare system comprising over 2,500 public healthcare facilities

A large pool
of potential study subjects

Based on the results of the European Business Association investment research, the Ukraine’s investment potential has finally been overturned and is currently demonstrating an increasing growth.

Ongoing medical reform is another major step that is currently being implemented in Ukraine. The new model proposed by the MOH is based on the UK’s healthcare system and includes implementation of state funded medical insurance for all Ukrainians and establishment of a safe, stable, and guaranteed system, which will raise the Ukrainian healthcare level.

JERELO collaborates with:

Ukrainian Children’s
Cardiac Center (UCCC)

Kiev Heart Center

A. A. Shalimov National Institute
of Surgery and Transplantology

Kiev City Oncology Hospital


Veterinary clinic

of expertise

Our expertise covers from class I to class III devices in a wide range of disciplines:

Interventional Cardiology Oncology
Dentistry Orthopedics
Gastroenterology Surgery
Neurology & Neurovascular Vascular other (Venous, Peripheral)

JERELO possesses extensive experience in medical device studies in various therapeutic areas. Thorough knowledge and understanding of specific device characteristics ensure successful outcomes of your clinical trial. The establishment of a vast network of Key Opinion Leaders in Ukraine enables us to select the right conditions for your research project.


Conformity Assessment
and Proof
of Concept
Clinical Study
Post Market

JERELO represents a full-range CRO that provides services starting from the medical device development to the regulatory submissions in Ukraine. Furthermore, the product launch on the Ukrainian market and post-market surveillance management is also included in the service.

We can provide simple advisory assistance as well as the full strategic analysis of the regulatory requirements on clinical studies and submissions.

The level of expertise ensures our partners to get smooth access to the Ukrainian market.

JERELO is qualified to accurately identify the issue and offer a relevant solution to develop the plan of action efficiently.




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We believe that expectations are higher for CRO’s able to identify issues early, offer solutions, and efficiently implement changes

This is what JERELO adheres to


Country Budget 2022: Key Health Indicators and Expenditures

On December 10, the President of Ukraine signed the Law of Ukraine "On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2022" № 1928-IX, which the Verkhovna Rada adopted on December 2, 2021. The document will enter into force on January 1, 2022. In the field of health provided UAH 157.3 billion for the implementation of the program of state guarantees of medical care [...]

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Pilot projects on pharmaceutical insurance are being implemented in Ukraine

Pilot projects on pharmaceutical insurance are being launched in Rivne, Sumy, Zaporizhia, Odesa, Kharkiv, and Kyiv. The relevant memorandum for their implementation was signed at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on December 7. "According to the Ministry of Health, Ukrainians leave about UAH 60 billion annually in pharmacies, and more than 50% of [...]

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The Ministry of Health is working to establish a Rehabilitation Management System in Ukraine

The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with USAID ReLAB-HS and the World Health Organization, has begun work on a project office to implement rehabilitation reform. “Currently, the system of rehabilitation of people with disabilities is not working at full capacity. Reform of this system is a requirement of time and an opportunity to get rid of [...]

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Ministry of Health and Philips Medical Systems sign memorandum of cooperation to improve Ukrainians’ access to high-tech medical care

On December 10, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Philips Medical Systems signed a memorandum of cooperation. The memorandum between the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Philips concerns cooperation and reciprocity in the following areas: Improving the quality of the oncology service of Ukraine, which includes the exchange of best practi [...]

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The Government supported the decree allowing advance payment for goods, services and works required to counter COVID-19

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine amended the resolution of 22.07.2020 № 641 and allowed budget managers to make advance payments for goods, services, and works necessary to counter COVID-19 (including from local budgets). The adopted resolution clarifies the list of cases for which the period of quarantine is not prohibited by managers (recipie [...]

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The Government has extended adaptive quarantine

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine extended the adaptive quarantine on the territory of Ukraine until March 31, 2022. Relevant amendments to Resolution №1236 were adopted during the Government meeting on December 15. We will remind, since December 6 new quarantine norms began to operate. They apply primarily to unvaccinated citizens. At the ye [...]

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The Government has allocated UAH 210 million for the purchase of X-ray machines for hospitals

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has allocated funds for the purchase of 84 X-ray machines for health care facilities. These are regional medical institutions that are involved in measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease. The relevant decision was made during a meeting of the Government on December 15. UAH 210 million was alloca [...]

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State regulation of prices for some goods and anti-epidemic goods: up-to-date.


On May 18, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of April 22, 2020 № 341 came into force, which defines the mechanism for declaring changes in retail prices for goods of significant social significance and anti-epidemic goods. Declaration of changes in retail prices is introduced in case of price increase, compared to the price […]

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How to indicate what MD’s are subject to self-declaration?


According to Technical Regulations on medical devices, class I medical devices, non-sterile and without a measuring functions are subject to self-declaration. In line with the Technical Regulations on medical devices for in vitro diagnostic, all MD’s which don’t fall under the list A and list B classification and are not intended for self-control are subject to self-declaration

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Which act should govern a medical device with a medicinal substance?


The operation of medicines in Ukraine is covered by the Law of Ukraine «On Medicines». I have already defined in previous videos that MD’s are subject to Technical Regulations and other acts. And the Law of Ukraine «On Medicines» doesn’t cover on medical devices (neither in vitro diagnostic devices, nor active implantable devices).

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I don’t have a conformity assessment certificate according to Technical regulations. Can I place on market a medical device without applying to the CAB to proceed a CAP?


Yes, you can put your MD into circulation in Ukraine without involving a CAB in one and the only case – your medical device is I class risk (non-sterile and without measuring function).

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Is it possible to obtain a certificate without the on-site audit?


There are two options to proceed the CAP and to avoid on-site audit of the manufacturer: 1. Recognition of CE Certificate. 2. Proceeding batch certification.

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Do I have to proceed with a CAP in Ukraine if I already have a CE Certificate?


The existence of CE Certificate doesn’t provide any preferences — Ukrainian legislation requires to proceed the conformity assessment procedure under the Ukrainian TR’s even for those manufacturers that possess a CE Certificate.

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Who is the Authorized representative?


The essential requirement for the manufacturer which is not the resident of Ukraine, is to appoint the authorized representative.

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What is the procedure of conformity assessment?


Conformity assessment procedure – any procedure used to determine that prescribed requirements in relevant technical regulations or standards are fulfilled.

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What regulations govern the conformity assessment procedure in Ukraine?


Since 1 July 2015, it has become
a mandatory requirement that medical devices, must be subject
to the assessment of conformity with the Technical regulations (TR) before being placed on the Ukrainian market.

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Who is entitled to proceed the conformity assessment procedure of medical devices in Ukraine?


In accordance with the Law of Ukraine
“On Technical Regulations
and Conformity Assessment”,
the conformity assessment procedure
is made by the Conformity Assessment Body, an organization which confirmed its competence, proceeded
the accreditation procedure,
and therefore can perform conformity assessment.

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