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Pre-Clinical Study

The pre-clinical stage of the study is usually the most challenging one. Therefore, finding the right CRO is of enormous importance.

Using a CRO service for your pre-clinical research, especially concerning animal studies (whether involving disease or surgical models), ensures to provide consistent results and avoid reproducibility issues at any phase of the study.

As a pre-clinical CRO, we are eager to effectively support our clients from early research and development studies to a wide variety of clinical applications. Thus, we provide services that can guide you through projects involving studies from early feasibility to histopathology.

Since every project is unique and requirements are also distinct, we offer custom-designed research guidance, adapted specifically for the intended device.


For your collaborative investigators, practitioners, or sales representatives, surgical training of a medical device is an essential aspect. We can provide a wide variety of services, including lecture halls, classrooms for theoretical and medical training purposes in the following areas: cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, interventional (catheter-based) cardiology and neurology.

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