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The Government supported the decree allowing advance payment for goods, services and works required to counter COVID-19

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine amended the resolution of 22.07.2020 № 641 and allowed budget managers to make advance payments for goods, services, and works necessary to counter COVID-19 (including from local budgets).

The adopted resolution clarifies the list of cases for which the period of quarantine is not prohibited by managers (recipients) of budget funds for prepayment of goods, works, and services purchased for budget funds.

In particular, we are talking about procurement:

  • medicines, the list of which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of September 22, 2021, № 1012 coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 “,
  • vaccines or other medical immunobiological drugs,
  • consumables for medical care for patients with COVID-19,
  • medical devices for vaccination from COVID-19,
  • medical equipment for health care facilities that provide care to patients with COVID-19,
  • medical gas supply systems,
  • other goods and services necessary for the implementation of measures aimed at the prevention of coronavirus disease, which are accordingly purchased during the quarantine period in the manner prescribed for simplified procurement,
  • work on providing health care facilities with medical gas supply systems (from the local budget).

The approved changes will allow prepayment of goods needed to combat COVID-19, which are purchased during the quarantine period in the simplified procurement procedure and for the implementation of budget programs, program codes of expenditure classification and local budget crediting which correspond to codes 2010 – 2152 and 7322.

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