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On February 24, 2021, the Government of Ukraine considered the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 3, 2009 № 1301”

Thus, amendments to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 3, 2009 № 1301 “On Approval of the Procedure for Providing Persons with Disabilities and Children with Disabilities by Technical and Other Means” were developed to expand the list of medical devices and other aids for persons with disabilities. disability and certain categories of persons to increase the effectiveness of rehabilitation measures, social adaptation and integration into society of this category of persons.

The explanatory note states that the draft act has been agreed with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine, the Commissioner. President of Ukraine for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Government Commissioner for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities without remarks. The joint representative body of employers at the national level and Joint representative body of representative all-Ukrainian trade unions at the national level without comments. The draft act underwent a public consultation procedure and was posted on the official website of the Ministry of Health.

It is expected that the adoption of the act will expand the list of medical devices and other means to provide quality rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities, children with disabilities and persons performing anti-terrorist operations, took measures to ensure national security and defense, repel and deter armed aggression. in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and were injured.

The changes provide for:

1. In the title and operative part of the resolution, the words “and children with disabilities by technical and other means” shall be replaced by the words “children with disabilities, other separate categories of the population by medical devices and other means”.

2. The procedure for providing persons with disabilities and children with disabilities with technical and other means, approved by the said resolution, is set out in a new wording.

The document will come into force upon its official publication.

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