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The Government has enabled the regions to continue to effectively implement projects aimed at developing the health care system in rural areas

The Government has amended the Procedure and conditions for providing a subvention from the state budget to local budgets for the implementation of measures aimed at developing the health care system in rural areas.

The relevant resolution was approved at a meeting on March 3.

The Ministry of Regional Development has developed a draft resolution to ensure efficient, targeted, and effective use in 2021 of the remnants of the subvention, which in previous years was aimed at construction, reconstruction, and overhaul of outpatient clinics in rural areas, purchase of cars and telemedicine equipment.

In order to effectively use the funds, the draft resolution extended in 2021 the possibility for regional state administrations to redistribute the subvention between projects and activities in coordination with the Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Health.

The decision of the Government is published at the link.

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