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The Ministry of Health and business have launched a dialogue on the 2030 Health Strategy

The Ministry of Health continues to prepare a draft Health Development Strategy 2030. To finalize the comprehensive document, the Ministry is holding public consultations with the public with the assistance of the National Democratic Institute, the Coalition Resuscitation Reform Package and the Republic Institute. As part of public consultations, meetings are organized with all stakeholders involved in the field of medicine: community experts. doctors, patients, scientists, government officials, etc.

On December 15, representatives of the Ukrainian medical business provided suggestions and ideas for improving the quality of health care.

The goal of the new Ministry of Health Strategy is to promote the healthy well-being of citizens by ensuring fair access to the quality of health services and building sustainable health care systems.

“Today, at the stage of forming the Strategy, we want to hear your opinion, your vision. The purpose of our meeting is to try to think about the key areas of cooperation between the Ministry of Health and business. – explained the moderator of the event, coordinator of campaigns of the Institute “Republic” Vitaly Glizhynsky.

Roman Lansky, Adviser to the Minister of Health on Digitalization, explained that the Strategy will for the first time highlight specific values ​​and vision instead of stating the policy documents:

“The Strategy for 2015-2020 outlined the main directions of health care reform, the updated Strategy should work in the same vector. This document is about equal access to medicines, updated quality of medical services, protection of health workers. For the first time, we are starting to talk about the Strategy as a visionary thing, not the adoption of conditional documents. ”

“We need to reach a common agreement on those issues whose answers are relevant to both the state and business.” – added the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Health.

It will be recalled that the Ministry has identified the following key priorities in its 10-year Strategy:

Health governance
Universal health coverage
Public health, preparedness and response to emergencies
Involvement of people and communities
Human resources of the health care system (CROC)

During the expert discussion, proposals were received to expand the pool of key priorities of the Strategy, assess the involvement of Ukrainian pharmaceutical business in the EU system and clear boundaries of funding for the sector by the state and business.

Business representatives expressed their hopes that the Strategy will not only work as a policy document, but will also be used properly, taking into account the interests of all stakeholders and a clear KPI.

The recommendations prepared during the public consultations will be submitted to the Ministry for consideration in the Strategy and will be published in the general report on the results of the meetings.

It will be recalled that public consultations on universal coverage of health services, public health, governance and human resources of the health care system were held earlier.

The public consultation was made possible by the generous support of the British people through the Office of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development.

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