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A working meeting of representatives of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and the State Medical Service on the circulation of dietary supplements took place

According to the AMCU, the Committee receives appeals from business entities regarding the need to stop the practice of selling drugs that contain active pharmaceutical ingredients in the form of “dietary supplements”.

The problem is that drugs that have similar therapeutic properties and contain the same active ingredients are marketed in different ways. Some – as medicines, and others – as dietary supplements. And this in turn entails different approaches to state control (supervision) of the circulation of these drugs and different conditions for their entry into markets.

The appeals to the AMCU state that this practice is used by certain business entities in order not to go through the procedure of registration of medicines, appropriate inspections and examinations.

That is, what should be registered as a drug is marketed as a “dietary supplement”. In this regard, the Antimonopoly Committee is conducting a study of these actions for compliance with legislation on the protection of economic competition. But we can already say that this situation has been caused by numerous gaps in the legislative sphere.

On July 27, at the initiative of the Antimonopoly Committee, the first working meeting on this issue was held with representatives of the State Service of Ukraine for Medicines and Drug Control.
The parties discussed the vision of this problem and agreed on cooperation aimed at resolving the issue of circulation of dietary supplements, which include active pharmaceutical ingredients to stop the unfair behavior of individual manufacturers (market operators).

The minutes of the working meeting has not been published yet.

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