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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved the Concept for the Development of e-Health, which aims to create the conditions and foundations for the development of eHealth in Ukraine

The electronic health care system will be financed from both state and local budgets and international technical assistance. Expenditures will be updated annually.

According to the Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov, the implementation of the Concept provides for the solution of existing problems and challenges by ensuring the implementation of comprehensive measures in the following areas:

  • regulatory support for the development of the electronic health care system;
  • organizational, managerial, and technical support for the development of the electronic health care system, resource provision;
  • Ensuring the quality, safety, and accessibility of the electronic health care system.

The implementation of the concept is provided in two stages.

And the stage will last from 2020 to 2022.

A number of such measures are envisaged for this period:

  • development and approval of an action plan for the implementation of this Concept;
  • improvement of the system and mechanisms of management of the electronic health care system;
  • analysis and improvement of the functioning of existing information systems and registers in the field of health care;
  • creation of a single medical information space;
  • the beginning of integration into the world medical information space and with the corresponding information and telecommunication systems of the countries of the world;
  • Informatization of health care facilities, in particular regarding cyber protection and cyber hygiene of medical workers.

At the second stage (2023-2025) it is planned:

  • ensuring stable and balanced development of the electronic health care system and deepening the interaction between information and telecommunication systems in Ukraine;
  • support for standardization, technical regulation of electronic medical information systems, the introduction of more detailed terminological dictionaries and classifiers;
  • development of support systems for clinical solutions, personalized medicine, systems for processing large data (Big Data), machine learning, and artificial intelligence;
  • full integration into the world medical information space.

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